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The bluetick coon hound is a dog breed of coonhound. This dog breed originating in the United States. They are known for their friendly personality, deep bawl mouth, and a cold nose. The bluetick coonhound is considered as ideal dog for hunting small game, Bluetick coonhounds are wonderful companions. When they properly trained they become great family dogs. They are smart and devoted if properly trained they will become friendly with children and do not bark at other dogs. They bark uniquely to each dog. 

Are bluetick coonhound dogs hard to train:


Yes, they are hard to train. If you are thinking about adopting a bluetick hound then it is essential to know they are hunting dogs chasing prey. Training should be hard for them for socialization. If you want a friendly bluetick hound then it takes training with time and patience. For successful training, you will have to increase stamina because of their stubborn nature. Dogs are good companions and they need to eat good food.

History of a coonhound:

There are six kinds of coonhound dogs that are found in the United States. While very resemble the American Coonhound, the bluetick became familiar as their own breed in the year 1940. The several kinds are named as Smokey river, Ozark mountain, Sugar creek, Bugle, old line. The bluetick coonhound will follow its prey by the scents. 

The character of a bluetick:

Bluetick coonhound dogs are lively and alert, they required consistent excellent training. They will become great companions once devoted to owners. If you are not a fan of barking then this dog breed is not for you. They have a good dog hound dog bawl. These dogs love to show off a variety of dogs barks during the hunt. You can give them human food but first, confirm with the veterinarian.

Bluetick Coonhound size:

The male bluetick coonhounds have 22-27 height. Female bluetick coonhounds are 21-25 in height. They live 11-12 years long. Their paws are larger than other breeds of dogs. They are known as hardy and athletic dogs. The bluetick coonhounds are hard to train but once they trained they are very mindful of their owner. 

Bloodhound dog breed:

They are quiet, scent hounds are persistent when on the hunt. I am going to talk about this dog breed because they are one of the best scent hounds and follow their noses. They are devoted dogs but do not expect obedience all the time. You must take care of your pet. They need care and neatness. If a dog has some health issues take care a lot. 

American English or redtick coonhound:

This redtick coonhound dog is bred in the Southern United States. Their price ranges from $350-$600. They require regular exercise to keep active. Redtick dogs are friendly and sociable.

5 best coonhound dog food and brands:

Protein is the most essential nutrient because it gives a foundation for healthy muscles.  The exact amount of food you give to your dog may depend on its weight and size. Make sure the food you are giving is high quality, grain-free, and additive-free. There are plenty of food products available online you can buy for your pet. Holistic chicken meal, Chicken and brown rice, Ocean fish meal are the good healthy food items you can serve to your canine companion. 

Black and Tan coonhound dog:

It is a truly American breed. They originated from crosses of the Foxhound and the bloodhound. The black and tan dog can run miles. They are gentle and tolerant with children. They did not open up with strangers they behave reserved in front of them. You need to know all dogs’ habits if you are going to adopt him.

3 things to know about bluetick coonhound:

This name is given to them after the ticking pattern and color of their coat, the marking of bluetick on their body. Bluetick coonhound dogs are used for hunting. They are devoted and smart. They need supervision when other small animals are close to them because they have a high prey drive.


If you want to adopt a bluetick coonhound you must search them in a breed club. Some are already trained and you can keep them in your yard. They do not want to live inside they are happy in the open air so keep them safe in an open area. Bluetick is named for his coat color. These dogs have a single coat which is very short. Dogs are wonderful if they are properly trained.