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The English coonhound also has known as the American English coonhound. It is a breed of coonhound that typically bred and is originated in the Southern United States. This dog breed is of medium height and normal weight. Their coat is of three types: bluetick, redtick, and a tricolor tick pattern. The English coonhound dogs have a high prey drive and are typically used in hunting. The male English coonhound weight is 40-65 Ibs and the female is 40-65Ibs. The American English coonhound standing as high as 25.6 inches at the shoulder. They are deep-chested, beloved by sportsmen for their endurance and speed. 

American Coonhound Dog facts: 


The American coonhound dogs’ head is broad with a domed skull with soft ears that are low hung, and dark brown eyes that are glowing with kindness. The American Coonhound with his high energy level and this dog breed is an ideal canine companion for their speed, endurance, and loud voice. 

Description of American English Coonhound:

The American English Coonhound dogs are intelligent, loving, fairly easy to groom, and easy to train. This kind of dog’s breed needs a firm, lots of physical and mental activity. If you continue to provide the exercise they need, you will find an adoring furry family member. This dog is famous for its speed and endurance. 

Who should adopt this breed?

You are an ideal coonhound owner if you are committed to giving them the attention and training they require. Many owners found themselves overwhelmed by the attention and time this breed requires. People that work long hours should not own a coonhound. Many coonhound dogs have a strong prey drive. They have a loud voice so they cannot live in apartments. 

Are American coonhound dogs good with kids?

This dog breed is an excellent family pet. They are good with kids and all ages of children. You should not be left unsupervised with children because children do not always know how to treat a dog. This kind of dog is difficult to train. Many coonhounds are food-oriented and they will do almost anything for their cookie

American English Dog temperament:

This dog is famous for its friendly nature. American dogs are very social and tend to make excellent family dogs. This dog breed often chases other animals like cats or small dogs for hunting. They are known as intense howlers. This dog breed is eager to please and loyal. 

How to raise American English Coonhound:

Raising a coonhound is not easy. You have to make an exercise and training schedule with this dog. They will train with consistent training. You must take care of them with a good diet. If you give them good supervision they will make good family dogs and trust you.

The original purpose of American coonhound:

This dog breed is not so famous but it has been recognized for quite a while. It has been traced to the colonization of the United States. It is said that many European during the 18th century brought foxhounds with them to America which help them hunt. Now, we call them American English Coonhound. 


Still reproduced essentially as a persevering canine, which should have a productive state of being, the American English Coonhound is by and large a sound variety.

Dependable reproducers will evaluate their stock for ailments, for example, hip and elbow dysplasia just as eye issues like reformist retinal decay and waterfalls.

His ears ought to be checked consistently to eliminate overabundance of wax and trash. Like other huge and profound chested breeds, he can encounter bulge, an abrupt, dangerous stomach condition.

Proprietors ought to gain proficiency with the indications of swell and what to do should it happen.

Is the American Coonhound right for you?

Most passionate fans of coonhound will tell you that this dog breed comes with its own special traits. But, first, some history needs to know. The American dog breed brought to their colonies from England. So, we can say that this dog is one of the oldest, and may even be the first, dog developed in America. There are four types of dog breed:

  • Fox hunting Hounds
  • Trail hounds 
  • Field trial hounds
  • Pack hounds

They are musical:

This dog breed is extremely musical. Their howls can listen to miles away. Many hunters think that this might be music, even your neighbors might not agree. They can be stubborn and independent in nature. This breed is suitable for country living, where loud noises won’t disturb neighbors.

Do These coonhounds shed?

It is a very low maintenance dog breed. The American English coonhound need regular brushing, you have to clean their ears to prevent them from irritation and other infections. They do shed and many of them shed heavily. 


Now, you are thinking about why anyone adopts this pet except hunters. It is because the rewards of living with this pet are worth it. It is easy-going, mild, and, friendly-natured, especially if you consistently trained them. with exercise and long walks, he can be your best companion that will trust you. 

A descendent of the English coonhound, the American English Coonhound is a chasing canine variety known for their speed, perseverance, and boisterous voice in the field.

They’ll bark and inlet at home, as well, settling on them a helpless decision on the off chance that you have close-by neighbors. They need heaps of activity.

Despite the fact that these are thoroughbred canines, you may discover them being taken care of by sanctuaries or salvage gatherings. Make sure to receive! Try not to shop in the event that you need to bring a canine home.

English Coonhounds need broad day by day rushing to be upbeat. They should be taken on a day-by-day, long, energetic walk or run where the canine is made to heel adjacent to or behind the human holding the lead, as, in a canine’s brain, the pioneer drives the way.

They can turn out to be nervous or potentially dangerous in the event that they are inadequate in practice and additionally structure. They may take off after any intriguing aroma,

so don’t take the English Coonhound off its chain except if you are in a protected territory.