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The German Wirehaired Pointers can stand as high as 26 inches tall and heavy dog breed. They are balanced, well-muscled, and they can beat the bushes all day long without tiring. The harsh wire coat, and the shaggy eyebrows and beard, complete an intelligent expression. It is a griffon type breed of dog found in the 19th century in the country named Germany for hunting purpose. 

German Wirehaired temperament:


The German Wirehaired dog is lively, affectionate, active, very determined, and intelligent. They need a handler who is consistent in approach. Loyal to the family and eager to learn. This dog is friendly with the people that are close to him and can be socialized at an early age. Wirehaired pointers are happy to be a part of the family and can spend more time with their people. 

German wirehaired tempered dog breed information:

The German Wirehair needs exercise and he can make an ardent jogging companion. This dog breed loves to swim and is active to do a job and thrives on attention. They do their best with motivational reward-based training. Some of the search & rescue handlers of dogs find this breed as an excellent active worker.  

About Health:

They are generally healthy dogs, but like other breeds of dogs, they can also prone to many diseases. So, if you are going to buy this dog then you must take all information and then adopt it. To prevent them from toenail injuries cut the nails properly. 

Are German Pointers aggressive?

German pointers are typically gentle and good-natured that almost well behaved with other animals as well as humans. They are generally good and friendly dogs. But any dog can be aggressive including pointers. 

Pointers are good watchdogs:

They are excellent watchdogs. The German Wirehaired pointers are energetic and can play all day along with children. They can not bark a lot. It only barks if become bored for too long or to alert by strangers. You can trust them and allow them to protect your property from strangers. 

Kinds of Wirehaired Pointers:

Wirehaired pointers possess robust coats, possess a strong personality. Wire fox terrier is also a kind of dog that make great companions due to their smart and brave personalities. Wire fox terrier needs to be groomed regularly in order to keep their coat in good condition. The most famous kinds of wire-haired are:

  • Scottish Terrier
  • Otterhound
  • Wirehaired Vizsla

Otterhound dog breed: 

It is a big dog with a very wiry coat. Otterhound dog breed is for hunting, it could chase its prey and through the water or overland. Otterhound dog breed is very rare. The German Wirehaired pointer is very lively, intelligent, and require exercise. They began life as working dogs. These dogs require two things:  exercise and grooming. 

Wirehaired Dachshund:

This dog breed is very popular and therefore they can be expensive. They are small in size. They are most known for their appearance. The Dachshund has low hanging ears, slender, and long faces. It has a thick double coat that gives them a wiry appearance. They have a beard and bushy eyebrows. 

Food that they eat:

The wirehaired dachshund dog breed loves to eat. It can cause Intervertebral Disc disease. You must feed them according to a diet chart. They can be stubborn, give them regular exercise. They like to walk and exercise daily. This makes them active. 

German Wirehaired Nutrition:

This wirehaired dog breed should be fed high-quality dog food according to the dogs’ age. You can see which humans’ food is safe for dogs or not. You should talk to your pet veterinarian before giving food. The German wirehaired pointer name is the English translation of a German dog. 

Shorthaired pointer:

The shorthaired pointers are a healthy breed. They can suffer from eye disorders so, it is important to take eye testing. This dog breed needs daily exercise for strong muscles. It gets boring at home. The German shorthaired pointers enjoy retrieving from water and land also.

How they shed?

Wire-haired canine varieties shed less, like long-haired and short-haired canines. This is because of the eccentricity of the construction of fleece.

Hard fleece is more grounded than different kinds of fleece. Fleece was conceived for chasing and rearing in the wild and is more sturdy. You should rub the canine a few additional times each week to dispose of the hide.

At the point when a strand of hair dries, it generally stalls out in the coat and doesn’t tumble to the floor. That is the reason it is imperative to brush it so it doesn’t wind up on the couch. Similarly, as with different kinds of pointing, English hands are brought down modestly.

They are not difficult to really focus on and don’t need a ton of consideration. It is an ideal low support canine and can be handily raised inside and outside. Yet, you should realize that it has two layers of wool. This additionally implies that the English pointers do require admittance to heaps of time outdoors.

Otherwise, they probably won’t recognize at whatever point winter goes to spring and they won’t realize when to shed that colder time of year coat. This may appear to be a splendid arrangement on the off chance that you need to try not to shed however the issue is that it will not be beginning shedding all during that time instead.

Double-covered canines should shed the colder time of year coat toward the start of the spring yet in the event that they don’t have the foggiest idea when the seasons change they can begin shedding broadly all as the year progressed.


German wirehaired are extremely active dogs. They are friendly and loyal to family. They behave well with the children. These dogs shed slightly year around. German wirehaired dogs are sensible and steady. This smart dog breed is also related to the short wirehaired variety.