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The cocker spaniel puppy is a breed of gun dog. It is an active, good-natured, and sporting dog. This type of dog almost found in literature and art for 500 years. Apparently, it has big, dark eyes, sweet expressions, long lush ears not surprise that this breed was considered America’s popular breed. This puppy has a balanced body that is sturdy and solid, and these durable gun dogs move with a steady, easy gait.  The cocker spaniel puppies are anxious playmates with kids and are easily trained as athletes and companions. They love playtime and brisk walks. Cocker spaniel puppies are known for being loving, easy-going, and lively.

Cocker Spaniel Puppy best diet:


 If you select the best diet It can be a matter of trial and for the individual dog. You must pay attention to quality ingredients. You can seek advice from your dog veterinarian regarding any particular sensitive issue or needs a dog has. Select the best quality food and give it a fair try. Do not overweight your pet. Give them a balanced diet.

How big spaniel cocker are?

The male spaniel cockers are 16 inches long and females are 15 inches in length. It is the smallest member of the supporting group. It is well-muscled and looks beautiful. 

How much does cocker spaniel puppy shed?

Cocker spaniel puppy can experience shedding in their lifetime. Most, spaniel shed very often or sometimes not at all. Cocker spaniel bark a lot it is a natural thing. When someone knocks at the front door, ringing bells or other similar voices can make them silent. 

Are they family dogs?

Cocker spaniel puppy enjoys the attention. This breed of dog is for those people who want to give extra attention to their pets. You can say they are average shedders. Their coat requires grooming for at least a couple of hours to keep it in a good shape. 

What is History?

The cocker spaniel dog originates from Spain. The name comes from the woodcock, a breed that these breeds efficiently flushed out for hunters. They became popular after World War 2. They bring to America in the 1800s. You can find this breed as the most popular breed.  It is a beloved companion dog breed, a capable bird dog at heart. 

English cocker spaniel colors:

The Cocker spaniel is a handsome well-groomed breed. Its thick coat is short on the head and long on the chest, ears, belly, and neck. The has a solid black color, light cream, red, or brown. If you are hesitant about substantial grooming then this breed is not for you

Is this the right dog breed for me?

The best thing about cocker spaniels is they are easy to train. They not only trained well but also thrive from it too. You must train your pup weekly so that it may get trained early. The spaniels are eager to please and likes to be close to his family. It has a soft personality. 


They can be prone to several conditions and diseases. 

  • It can have eye problems in several ways, which includes progressive retinal atrophy, a degenerative disease of the retinal cells that can cause blindness, a cloudy film that forms over the eye. 
  • AIHA is a condition in which the dog’s immune system attacks its own blood cells. It can indicate with a swollen abdomen. 
  • They can get into food allergies in which certain food will eliminate from dogs’ diets.
  • It can also involve in canine hip dysplasia


The spaniel dog has a hearty appetite, if you give it a chance it will overeat. Your adult dog’s diet depends on its size, weight, and age. They are individuals like humans they don’t need the same kind of food. If you give your dog better food then it will nourish properly. You must trim the nails once a month. They also get along with other pets if you give proper training. 


Grooming of this breed is an important part once in a week. It is known for its long and healthy hairs, which can grow to floor length. If you want to walk your dog in the countryside, you must brush him more often. It is a better idea to make your cocker spaniel fresh with a bath. This dog breed is charming and it takes extra care. To make it neat and clean you must take extra care of him.