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The Golden Retriever puppy is a hefty, strong muscle of medium size, famous for the services. Some people named them bird dogs or service dogs for the disabled. They are very friendly in nature, easy to please, they respond quickly to obedience training. The golden retriever puppy is affectionate, easy to handle, and even-tempered. They are named as service dogs because they are eager to please and respond so well to obedience training. The Golden Retriever puppies are not considered as watchdogs. They are not often barkers so you can not let them as guard instincts. They love to swim they are so affectionate that is why they are named as bird dogs. 

History of the Golden Retriever Puppy:


The Golden Retriever puppy was the second most popular breed in 1999. The second-ranking for the golden retriever was no surprise. This dog has many qualities that make for a perfect family pet. The golden retriever puppy has many qualities like hunting waterfowl game, and are strong swimming dogs. Now, golden retriever puppies are not only good bird dogs but also famous as service dogs.

What is bad about the golden retriever puppy?

The golden retriever puppy has a long flowing coat, that made of a fluffy undercoat and an outer coat that is protective. If you have an allergy problem, then you cannot handle its hairs. They are so friendly, but they have a mind of their own. You cannot handle them if they do not want to do anything. 

A golden retriever can take over your furniture:

If you love your dog and if he is a golden retriever then be prepared to share your furniture with your pet. They enjoy lying on your couch and share your furniture. They love to eat anything and everything. You must take care of them when they eat because this leads them to obesity. 

British Golden Retriever puppy:

British kind golden retriever puppies are common throughout Australia and Europe. They are known as hunting and gun dogs. They have round and dark eyes. The male golden retrievers are 22 to 23 in height; females are between 20 and 21 in. Dogs need attention you can search for dogs’ eating habits.

American golden retriever puppy:

In America, they are thin and less muscular dogs. They are available easily. The golden retriever puppies are known as gun dogs and service dogs. You can adapt them to a blind person. They will help to walk on the right side. They import their puppies from Britain so that they can take advantage of the temperament and look of the British kinds. 

Golden retriever puppies price:

If you want to buy a golden retriever dog then you can expect an average price between $500-$2000. This breed can live between 10 and 13 years. So, you can say it is an expensive dog. There are three best colors of a golden retriever. of all the colors, dark golden color is one of the most striking colors.

Golden retriever puppies facts:

The golden retriever puppies were first bred from Scotland. It is a crossbreed. Golden retrievers are strong enough to tolerate pain like injuries that many other dogs’ cannot tolerate. With time when they grow old, their fur becomes dark. 

Golden retrievers are smart:

The golden retrievers are known as the fourth smartest puppies. They are easy to handle and train. They can as smart as the human brain of 2 years old and can learn 165 approx. words easily. Their nature is calm. They are not lazy dogs. They are tempered dogs they can get trained easily with positive temperament. 

7 fun facts of golden retriever: 

Golden retrievers are active puppies. They need exercise daily 30 minutes. You can trust them. They are gentle and trustworthy with your kids. They do more fun with training sessions and go swimming and play well. The golden retriever is considered as the most adorable dogs. They do not spend time in the backyard.

Male golden retrievers:

There is a difference between male and female golden retrievers. Male golden retrievers are more heightened than females. They are similar in nature. They are generally healthy because they like to eat. You can give them supplements to make them more active and healthy.

Golden retriever facts for kids:

The golden retriever puppies are thin, large, and easy to please dog. They are great hunting dogs. These dogs are of six different kinds. You can say they are family dogs. They can take care of your kids if you trained them. They do not bark they always act friendly. 


I have a golden retriever female puppy. I love to sit with her on my couch, and we play together in the evening. She possesses a very good temperament. She understands almost my talks. Now, I am going to take her a walk. She walks with me for almost one hour. If you are thinking of adopting a golden retriever puppy then you must follow the rules to make this pet comfortable. Many kinds of dogs are found if you want to buy a dog you can book online.