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Can my dog eat raisins? Grapes and raisins are considered to be highly toxic to dogs. It can be fatal for your pet. Peeled or seedless grapes should also be avoided. Ingesting the grape or raisin could lead to acute kidney failure in dogs. If you do not know how you can feed your dog then you must ask a health care provider. Raisins are not good for your dogs’ health. Dogs are wonderful creatures you can adapt them as the best companion. You might have read conflicting stories. One dog eats raisins and is completely fine and the other of ate only a couple and died. If you are thinking,  Are raisins good for dogs’ health? Read the following details.

Are Raisins toxic to dogs?


The majority said, yes, raisins are poisonous for dogs. As a result of poisoning, a dog can suffer from kidney failure. It can be said that dogs can and do die after eating raisins. There are two points with this statement, no one can tell exactly what is it in the raisin that results in poisoning. The second is that not every dog is equally sensitive to this toxic. 

Which quantity of raisins can kill a dog? 

You have to calculate the number of raisins that you are giving to a dog. However, some dogs like to eat raisins but if he is taking raisins then you must take care of them. Do not give them numerous raisins. You may feel some signs of a dog is affected by the ingestion of raisins. Read below symptoms:

  • Weakness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Kidney failure

If dogs eat grapes or raisins?

If your pet has ingested raisins, treatment is not normal. You must contact your veterinarian, who will suggest to you what to do. If your dog has a breathing problem then do not force him to vomit. The dog will not produce any urine if the kidney shuts down.  

What do you mean by toxic dose?

Dogs can become poisoned if they ingest large amounts of fruits. There is a huge difference between dogs’ food and human food. Some dogs can tolerate small doses of fruits but not on daily basis. We can not predict which dog is sensitive. When it comes to your dogs’ health it is better not to take any chances.

What if Dogs eat raisins and fine?

If your dog is having raisins or grapes and still fine, it means it is a genetic problem, and the food itself was healthy. Dogs must have a moderate amount of fats in their diet. Raisins have a lot of fiber and can become a good addition to a dogs’ diet. If your dog has too many raisins then consider giving them other supplements.

Dog raisin toxicity level:

How to protect your dog from raisins? You can protect them by not introducing this food to a dog. You can give them supplements and healthy food that can increase their life. If you take care of your pet then he can never sick with these products. Use food that can lead to a healthier life.

Can a dog survive after having raisin?

Raisins are potentially deadly to your beloved pet. Keep them away. Raisins are formed of dried grapes. If a dog is eating a high amount of raisins then it can lead to kidney failure, although it can lead to death is uncertain. If you are uncertain of the things then you must not give them such fruit. If you immediately guess your dogs’ condition then it can be cured and the pet can survive.

Can five raisins kill a dog?

If your dog is not feeling well and still having raisins then you must stop. It can kill a dog. You can not give them even a few raisins. The earliest symptom of toxicity is vomiting. Talk to a doctor for your pet. You love your dogs. They play and sleep with you on the couch. You love your dog as a part of your family. So, take care of your dog from such toxic elements. 

How Grapes or raisins affect your dogs’ health?

Raisins are terrible for dogs. Many food items considered healthy snacks for your pooch, but other fruits like raisins are toxic to your canine companion. If your dog ingests raisins it can be fatal. You must call a veterinarian. The veterinarian will inject in his body and induce vomiting to expel raisins from his body.

Symptoms of raisin poisoning:

Raisins are not good for dog health. If the following symptoms showed you must call a veterinarian:

  • Abnormal urination
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • lack of appetite or stop eating 

How to get rid of this toxic?

If your dog has eaten raisins and showing abnormal behavior then call your veterinarian. The simplest way to clear the system is to induce vomiting. Dogs are wonderful creatures, but they need attention if you adopted them.


It is not a myth that eating raisins are bad for a dog. The confusion stems from a fact that some dogs eat grapes or raisins but still live a healthy life. It means their body can bear a few raisins. Some dogs eat raisins even one or two and suffer a lot. So, it is confusing that what should I do if my dog likes to eat raisin? You can change its diet and start giving them other supplements that are good for your pet.
Can my dog eat raisins? All of you still thinking of the point. It can be fatal for your dogs’ kidney. You can give a dog a small amount of raisin but if you do not give raisins to a dog then it is good. Raisins are not necessary for your dogs’ health. A dog can live without raisins. So, you can give your pet other things to eat which helps them grow stronger.